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Below is a full inventory of all our plant and equipment we use for all in house processes.   All our equipment is well maintained by our skilled members of staff to further ensure we give the customer the accuracy required and the highest quality product that we can give.

 Have a read through to see what we can do!!!


2 off Ajax Universal Milling Machines - 1 with slotting

1 off Harrison Screw Cutting Center Lathe

1 off Ward 3DS Capstan Lathe

1 off Metal Bandsaw 8" Square Capacity

1 off Richmond Envoy Radial Drill 2.5" Capacity

1 off Emi-Mech Accuratool bar Feed Auto (Plug Board)

1 off Pedestal Drill

1 off Worthington Simpson Rollair 20 Screw Type Air Compressor 100 CFM

1 off Atlas Copco Air Dryer

Ajax Universal Milling Machine


 Pearson 12' x 1/4" Power Guillotine


Darley 4.3 m x 200 ton CNC Brake Press


Tig Welding 



1 off Hydaform 8' x 1/4" Hydraulic Folder

1 off Geka 13H Cropping and Shearing Machine. Maximum punch1.1/8" x 1/2" thick. Maximum sheer 6" x 3/4".

1 off Rowan Arc Semi-Automatic Welding Plant

1 off Manual Arc Welding plants 200 - 350 amps.

2 off Tig  Welding Plants

2 off Nexus NXM Mig Weldeing Plants

2 off Muirex 353 Mig Welding Plants


1 off Hydraulic Pipe Bender 2" capacity.

1 off Pels Nibbling Machine - ASG 8

1 off Shapecut Profile Burning Machine - Paper Template.

1 off 150 Ton Hydraulic Power Press

1 off Maritus 15KVA Spot Welding Machine

1 off 4' x 3/16" Bending Rolls, F. J. Edward's

1 off E & E Lock Forming/MK 20 SWG Capacity

2 off SAF Air Plasma Unit (Hand Held)

1 off Electronic Weld Cleaner

Esprit HD 30/70 DNC Plasma Profiling Unit with 4m x 2m Bed


1 off  Clemco Bead Blasting Cabinet complete with Dust Extraction

1 off Empire High Pressure Blast Cabinet complete with Dust Extraction

1 off  4m Degreasing Tank 800mm Dp. x 600 wide.

1 off  4m Rinse Tank 600mm Dp. x 600 wide.

    1 off Aluminum Oxide Blast Room 20ft long x 8ft wide  x 8ft high
with dust extraction and vaculift for media recovery

1 off HPC Plusair BS51 250 CFM Compressor

2 off  Wagner Powder Extraction Booths, 3mtr Face Width.

2 off Wagner Manual Powder Application Systems

1 off 6.6m x 2m x 2.2m Gas Fired Curing Oven Max. Temp. 240 degrees.

1 off  Atlas Copco Compressor & Freeze Dryer, 50 CFM.

1 off Binks 3m dry back extraction booth

1 off Wagner 33-1 Airless Spray Applicator unit

2 off Wagner Fine Spary HVLP Spray Guns


2 off One ton pallet trucks

1 off Jungheinrich GLP 2.5 ton Forklift Truck

1 off Hyster 2.5 ton Forklift Truck

1 off Iveco 7.5 ton 15' Platform Truck

1 off Ford Transit 190 LWB Semi High Top Van

1 off Fiesta Courier Van.




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